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      Applebee's serves up more than a meal

      Hundreds came to the Applebee's in Marquette Township Saturday, and not just for their food.

      It's called 'Catch the vision car show and cruise.' It was organized by the Marquette Township Community Events Committee. More than 120 classic cars registered for the event. From Model As on up, there was a little of everything. The event also included a canathon for St. Vincent DePaul, and each registrant was given a free lunch. This is the first time the community events committee has held a car show.

      "We hope to make this an annual event," said LeAnn Kachmersky, a member of the committee.

      "This was our first run at it, so with it being such a success today, I'm sure we'll continue on with this every year."

      The show ended with a cruise through the city to Presque Isle and back, lead by an old Marquette Township fire engine.