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      April showers are actually snow storms

      According to the calendar, it's officially spring, but spring in the Upper Peninsula is still hidden beneath the snow.

      Monday morning, people woke up to a fresh blanket of snow to welcome them on their commute.

      TV6 meteorologist, Shawn Householder, saw snowfall in the forecast, but snow in the U.P. around this time of year is always unpredictable.

      "Well over the weekend, there was still a bit of uncertainty with this system and this time last week we were debating on whether or not there was even going to be any lake effect snow or lake enhanced snow. Obviously the system did intensify pretty quickly into our early Monday morning" says Householder.

      The Marquette County Road Commission depends on those forecasts to determine how much man power they will need to clear the roads.

      This time of year the road commission only operates with about 50 percent of their employees. With only eight trucks on the road, that can make for a tricky spring season.

      "There are about 25 guys available to be moving snow, so it's tough to cover 24/7 with that amount of people, but we'll do the best we can" says road commission operation manager, Mike Harrington.

      In the meantime, we'll all do the best we can to stay positive until spring actually arrives.