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      April snowstorm hits the Copper Country

      It may be spring according to the calendar, but Yoopers know that doesn??t mean you??re safe from a spring snowstorm.

      Copper Country residents woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow nearly a foot deep in some places, and some are none too happy about it.

      ??Miserable. I stayed at my friend??s house, so I was really hoping I wouldn??t have to shovel, but I still had to help,?? said Marquette resident, Lauretta Kangas.

      ??It is absolutely awful,?? added Victoria Vahakangas of Atlantic Mine. ??I feel like I need to go to Florida because it??s sunny there.??

      If forecasts hold up, we could be seeing snowfall overnight and tomorrow as well.

      Keweenaw County historically gets hit hard over the winter, and as of yesterday they??ve recorded a total of 304.5 inches, nearly 50 inches more than this date last year.

      Residents said this winter has taken its toll with record-setting freezing temperatures and snow, and few breaks between storms.

      ??I??d say we had a lot more snow and lot more cold,?? said Houghton resident, Bob Hiltunen.

      ??Honestly, I??m so sick of it. Spring needs to come,?? added Kangas.

      Road crews were kept busy today too. Heavy, wet snow made for sloppy, slippery roadways, especially secondary roads that aren??t plowed as frequently.

      Residents said as soon as they??d finish shoveling, they??d have to start all over again.

      ??I got a good arm workout. That??s about it,?? joked Vahakangas. ??It was awful.??

      But, as Yoopers know, this is just how spring is around here. Though we??ve mentally checked out of winter and are ready for warm weather, a spring snowstorm isn??t unexpected, though hopefully it??s the last of the season.

      ??I mean, I live here. It??s not a surprise that you??re going to get buried with snow in April,?? said Hiltunen.