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      Are lawmakers listening?

      A Senate deal is on the table in Washington, D.C., and GOP leaders say they won't block it from ending the government shutdown.

      Itâ??s been 16 days since it closed and Wednesday, a group of residents, tired of playing the waiting game, took to the streets of downtown Marquette. More than three dozen people gathered in front of Congressman Dan Benishek's office, hoping it will spark action in Washington.

      "Do the right thing and get our government running," said Michael Thibault, President of the Marquette Central Labor Body. "There's a lot of people being hurt and being affected by this."

      Since the shutdown, approximately 800,000 of the government's two million employees have been furloughed, and federal agencies remain in a standstill.

      The group says they're tired of a minority group in Washington, which they say Congressman Benishek is a part of, from prolonging an agreement. They want the government opened back up, the debt ceiling raised, and Congress to start working together.

      Congressman Dan Benishek's office responded to TV6 with this statement:

      "Dr. Benishek shares the frustration many families in the U.P. have with what's been happening in Washington. Dr. Benishek is hopeful that a bipartisan deal, being worked on in Congress today, will reopen the government and prevent the nation from defaulting."

      "Take those 20 or 30 people and say enough," said Chris Wagner, an irritated veteran. "Do what the country needs to be done and make government work."

      The group knows their cries won't be heard in Washington, but know many people across the nation share their frustration. They still hope lawmakers are listening and put an end to the shutdown.