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      Are ORV permits doubling in price?

      Off-road vehicle owners can ride easy, because the Department of Natural Resources is putting rumors to rest that permits for the season have doubled in price.

      The cost for a yearly ORV sticker remains at $16.25. Reports of the alleged increase to nearly $32 a sticker starting at midnight came in over the weekend.

      DNR officials say some people even went out to local stores to purchase them at the original price before April 1. Confusion may have come from Governor Snyder's recent proposal to up the costs on permits in the 2013 state budget.

      "He would like to see an increase of the ORV fees, he wants to see a more sustainable trail system and more money going into trail maintenance and creation, but that was just a proposal," said Debbie Munson-Badini of the DNR. "The legislature would still have to approve it and put legislation forward and pass it and that just hasn't happened yet."

      If legislation is passed, it would not go into effect until October 1.