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      Are shorter school weeks for students a hit or miss?

      South Range Elementary School is going into its third year of shorter week days from January through March. The school is part of Adams Township District that implemented the program to save their budget.

      "The main reason was cost savings to begin with, said Principal Kim Harris. But parents have been very happy, and we really do feel that our students come in those winter months ready after a three-day weekend, so I do think it TMs been a benefit to everybody." And although the program saved the district nearly $20,000 in transportation funds last year, some Facebook viewers have other concerns.

      With short work weeks and parents who work would have to have child care. Unless a relative is available, having to hire someone to watch little ones is difficult enough if you work weekends, said Facebook viewer Sharon Anderson.

      "That was one of our big concerns is child care, but we've been fortunate that BHK offers their Great Explorations program, Harris said. What's actually kind of interesting is we have a small amount of kids that actually come on that Friday, so we found that child care wasn TMt as much of an issue as we originally thought it would be." For Casandra Mattila, it's a toss-up. Five of her six children attend South Range Elementary. As a stay at home mom, she isn't affected directly but says others definitely are. "It takes away from the support staff, and they're the ones that are getting paid the least anyways, so my thinking is that's where the more savings is coming from," said Mattila. Some of our Facebook viewers disagree. That would save a ton of money not having to keep the heat as high, snow removal, less snow days to make up. I think it TMs a great idea, said Facebook viewer Debra Dishaw.

      All those, Harris said, are reasons enough to stick with the program.