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      Are tablets replacing laptops?

      Tablets are relatively new to the technology market. They've been around for less than five years.

      While they offer many of the same capabilities as laptops, they aren't really filling a true need. So why are they becoming so popular? They're easy to use, lightweight, and a more portable way to play games, and browse the web. Tablets are increasing in popularity, and in some cases, converting laptop users.

      â??With all the accessories you can purchase for tablets,â?? explains Team Wireless customer Robbie Tulgetske, â??I think laptops are going away for sure."

      Tulgetske purchased his first tablet, an Apple iPad 4. He takes all online college classes, and a tablet simply offered him more convenience at his fingertips.

      â??It's small so I don't have to carry around a luggage with me for my laptop," Tulgetske says.

      Even smaller than a laptop and an iPad is the 7.9 inch iPad Mini. Team Wireless started selling it right before Christmas, and it's a popular item. But the biggest sales come from accessories used to protect and clean tablets.

      From all the use you'll be doing on your tablet, you'll undoubtedly get some fingerprints on your device. An easy fix would be to use a streak-free cleaning solution. Just spray it and wipe the tablet off.

      Tablets may be more functional for some than a laptop. In fact, the iPad boasts 300,000 apps. But what'll become of this customer's laptop at home?

      â??I'm honestly not sure if Iâ??m going to use it too much anymore. I think it's just convenient to have my tablet with me. I have my e-mail hooked up to it," Tulgetske adds.

      While laptops aren't extinct just yet, customers, like Tulgetske, say tablets simply have more advantages.