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      Are there more Packer or Lions fans in the U.P.?

      As Thanksgiving draws closer, football fans are gearing up for the big face-off: the Green Bay Packers versus the Detroit Lions.

      Our Facebook viewers wanted to know more about the fan craze: are there more Packers' or Lions' fans in the U.P.?

      On any given game day, you'll find football fans glued to the big screens at Buffalo Wild Wings in Marquette. Self-professed Lions fan and waiter Matt Lutey says both Packers' and Lions' fans come through their doors.

      "Packers' fans are pretty crazy, however, the Lions' fans have a quiet confidence about them," said Lutey.

      But he does admit there are usually more Packer fans.

      "They've also been prominently better in the past, so that might be easier to cheer for a winning team," Lutey said.

      We took a look at our own Nielson ratings book to compare how many fans watch the games, through winning and losing seasons, but the numbers stay the same.

      "There's about a four to one ratio of Packer fans than Lion fans; that means four times as many Packer fans," says WLUC Marketing Director Kim Parker.

      One notable trend, however, is the closer you get to the team, the larger the number of fans.

      "If you make your way toward Detroit, the number of Lion fans increases. It's logical," Parker said.

      Nevertheless, in all U.P. locations, more people are watching the Green Bay Packers.

      Facebook fan Cheryl Fortin writes: "Detroit doesn't even know we are here! Sometimes they even leave the U.P. off their map. I'm a Packer fan and I always have been."

      While Elizabeth Shadowhawk writes: "Sadly there are more Packer fans up here, but I was born and raised downstate, and though I love the U.P., I'm a Detroit fan to the core."

      We also spoke to Dunham Sports in Marquette. They sell both Packer and Lion merchandise and say the hot items always depend on what team is doing better. They said at the beginning of the year, Lion items were selling fast, and now they're piling up on the shelves.

      Our sports anchors Mike Ludlum and Mike Bedard will debate about the game on our sister station, FOX UP Wednesday at 10 p.m. You can watch the Packer vs.. Lions game at 12:30 p.m. Thursday on FOX UP.