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      Are trails ready for the SISU Ski Fest?

      The 4th annual SISU Ski Fest is scheduled for this Saturday in Ironwood.

      Race officials expect hundreds to participate in this year's event. Festivities kicked off on Tuesday with the Lapset Loppet kid race. Kids of all ages hit the ABR trails for the Lapset Loppet 2k Ski race.

      Around 180 kids participated in the race. Officials say by just looking at that number, as well as how many people have already signed up for the races, they are estimating more than 600 people will register. For some skiers, the races will be an opportunity for training.

      "It offers skiers a chance to get a marathon type of race in earlier in the season. In what we call big snow country, we usually have the snow to do it. It's kind of a good tune up for some of the racers that are coming up in the calendar like the Noquemanon, the Briky, and some off the other races," said Paulette Niemi, SISU Ski Fest member.

      Saturday, they will have the 42k classic and freestyle marathon and half marathon. However, officials say the most popular race is the taste and glide. Skiers will have the chance to ski and eat snacks from local places.

      There were concerns that the race would have to be shortened, but that is not the case anymore. They were worried there wasn't going to be enough snow.

      "The trail conditions are, right now, very good to excellent. I know we had talked about possibly lower the race or make it a little smaller, but Mother Nature has blessed us with some fresh snow. We are right now at very good to excellent conditions," said Chris Whitburn, SISU Ski Fest.

      The races will end in downtown Ironwood. Click here for more information.