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      Are we losing the war on drugs?

      Nearly 300 people attended the 2014 Drug Awareness Conference at the Island Resort and Casino. Officials spoke on topics ranging from drug and alcohol prevention to the legal consequences of drug use.

      During the presentation guests were able to see the physical effects hard drugs have on a personâ??s body. They also had the opportunity to see police photos taken at the homes of drug users and learn about recently passed drug and alcohol laws. The main focus of the conference was raising awareness of the growing drug problem in our own back yards.

      â??Making it known, itâ??s is not just a police issue, that it is a whole community issue and that by collaborating together, hopefully we can make a difference for all of us,â?? said MSP trooper and guest speaker Geno Basanese. â??Because, not only do we work here, we live here.â??

      The police want to encourage the community to call their local law enforcement if they know of any drug related activities.