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      18 / -15
      31 / 18

      Are we sure it's December?

      Winter is less than three weeks away, but a warm front is on the way and it will not make it feel at all like December. If anything, it will feel more like early October. Sunday afternoon is already warmer than average with highs into the upper 30s to low 40s. Temperatures should be similar to Saturday but perhaps a degree or two warmer. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy, but there should at least be a few peeks of sunshine.

      Sunday night will be mild as winds kick up out of the south after a warm front passes overnight. Lows will be in the mid 30s, several degrees above the seasonal high temperature for this time of year. Almost all of the U.P. will stay above freezing. With dew points also in the 30s, expect more potentially dense fog, especially in the central counties.

      Rain is likely behind the warm front by Monday morning. A strong south wind will bring highs into the low 50s for much of the U.P. That's about 20 degrees above average or higher. The rain and a strong cloud cover will keep the highs from climbing even further.

      Rain is likely throughout the day until the cold front passes in the evening and overnight into Tuesday. Skies should clear up a little behind the front, but not much. Rain will end with the front, but as temperatures drop, it's possible to see some brief snow behind the front. As winds take a westerly turn behind it, some lake effect snow is possible. Lows will be around the low to mid 30s.

      Under a breezy northwest wind, Tuesday's highs will be similar to Monday's lows. Lake effect snow becomes more likely and should last through early Wednesday. Later in the week, expect another brief warm up on Thursday and more snow toward next weekend.

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