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      Are you a fan of U.P. pro wrestling?

      It's visual and fast-paced entertainment: professional wrestling. â??Supreme Brett Powers,â?? or Brett Webber of Escanaba, says to become a pro, you have to attend wrestling school.

      â??It's like anything else,â?? explains Webber. â??It's like college. You learn how to wrestle and become a wrestler. Thatâ??s the proper way to become a professional wrestler."

      He adds that wrestling was down in the past, but now it's back in popularity. Rick McCarty, or "Slick Rick," says it's attention from the fans that keeps wrestling big.

      â??Yes, the fans are incredible,â?? says McCarty. â??It's not a certain type of fan. We have three year olds and 80 year olds and everyone in between."

      About 150-200 fans attend the UPW Pro Wrestling matches at the Delft in Escanaba. Peter Sischo wrote on our Facebook page: "Yes, I have been to many events for UPW Pro Wrestling. Itâ??s the best family entertainment around."

      So if you're looking for fun with an element of danger, you're in luck. The next match is a casket match. Now if you're not quite sure what that is, the show will be on November 3 at the Delft. The doors open at 6, and the event starts at 7. The goal of that match is to put your opponent in a casket and close the lid.