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      Are you a victim? You have rights

      This week is national Victim's Right's Week. Advocates say few victims are aware of the rights they actually have. So, there's a campaign underway to spread the word about available services for victims.

      Beth Maki lost her 42-year-old daughter, Karen, last year on the 4th of July. She was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

      "She just had the kindest heart and the most beautiful personality," said Beth Maki.

      Maki says if it wasn't for victim advocates, she would not have known her rights as a victim. She says they were there for emotional support and guidance in the legal process.

      "[They] Listened to me talk endlessly about my grief. Helped us figure out what comes next; each time there was something new in the court system," Maki said.

      Many times people don't know their rights as a victim of a crime, and that's where advocates from the prosecutor's office step in.

      "Victims now get an opportunity to give a statement in court at a sentencing which will hopefully give the judge an idea of how this crime has affected their lives," said Cindy Boyer, Victim Witness Coordinator (Marquette prosecutor's office).

      Organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving also provide that emotional support for victims and their families.

      "Sit alongside them in their grief in their healing process. We work with people from the very beginning for many years," said Betsy Harris.

      It's services like these that have helped friends and family of Bubba Croley, the 13 year old from Ishpeming who lost his life in a crash, get through their grief and honor him one last time.

      "It's truly wonderful that they gave these children a chance to say one last goodbye to Christopher," said Christopher Croley, father.

      As for Maki, she says these services have made all the difference.

      If you are a victim of a crime, you are entitled to your rights, and advocates suggest you reach out for help. For more information click here.