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      Are you afraid of the dentist?

      For some, going to the dentist is not a top priority because they are too afraid.

      There are many reasons why people fear the dentist, and one of the main reasons is because of pain. But health experts say it is very important to take care of your teeth.

      You need your teeth for chewing and for overall health. They TMve done a lot of studies where they TMve found that people can have other problems. If you have gum disease, it can actually affect your heart, said Dr. Lilliana Kostinski, D.D.S.

      There are anesthetics, like nitrous oxide and other numbing medicines, that can help reduce the feeling of pain.

      Sometimes even just walking into a dental office can be frightening but bringing along someone you know can help ease that overall feeling of anxiety.

      Another reason why people fear the dentist is because they had a bad experience or they do not want to feel guilty about the condition their teeth are in. However, waiting too long to go to the dentist can lead to some serious issues.

      You can have infections that get to the rest of your body or other areas that are important. The mouth is the closest to the brain so severe infection can be deadly sometimes, Dr. Kostinski said.

      Dental cleanings are recommended every six months to rid your teeth of the tarter and plaque build up most toothbrushes cannot remove.

      Dr. Kostinski also says avoid candy and sugary drinks, but if that TMs too hard, be sure to brush your teeth right after to keep cavities from forming. She also reminds everyone to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep those pearly whites in tip top shape.