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      Are you prepared for a contaminated food disaster?

      Are you prepared for a contaminated food disaster? This is a question many Upper Peninsula agencies will be able to answer after Tuesday.

      Over two dozen officials from public health, law enforcement, first responders and even Northern Michigan University sat through food safety training on Tuesday. The course discussed how vulnerable our food system is from the moment it's shipped.

      The training also instructed officials about the appropriate actions to take if they encounter food contamination.

      "Who are they to contact? Say there's a problem at NMU or one of the long-term care facilities...they know who to contact and who's responsible for that part of the investigation," said Jill Fries of the Marquette County Health Department.

      The Marquette County Health Department recommends residents read food labels and be aware of where the food comes from. Health officials also add that buying local is a safe way to grocery shop.