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      Are you ready for some chocolate?

      This Sunday, for only $10, you can try some of the best chocolate Marquette County has to offer.

      The event is the fifth annual Chocolate Festival, and it's happening at Northern Michigan University. It raises money for recreational programs at the Superior Alliance for Independent Living.

      Last year, organizers raised over $6,000 for SAIL. Local favorites, like Donckers, will be returning along with new vendors like Das Steinhaus.

      "They get a punch card with each of the vendors' logos so they'll just go around the room and get a taste from each vendor or whichever vendor they choose," said Jessica Manier, program director for SAIL. "If they want more chocolate, they can purchase a second punch card."

      The event is Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at SAIL or at the door. For more information on the annual Chocolate Festival, click here.