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      Are you wearing the right pair of sunglasses?

      With our long U.P. summers, it's important to enjoy the extended sunshine safely. That means protecting one of our most important senses: our eyesight. There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are used for both comfort and safety.

      Mary Malnor says she can't leave home without hers, even though sometimes she has to make a second trip to retrieve them.

      â??I've left them in a grocery cart, or Iâ??ve left home without them and had to go back and get them because I feel naked without them,â?? explains Malnor. â??I really like to have them with me all the time."

      But even if you wear them often, there are other tips to keep in mind.

      UV stands for ultraviolet light. UV rays can damage your skin, and they can also damage your eyes. So experts say choose a lens that's polarized.

      â??We always recommend polarized because for driving,â?? says Dr. Jessica Cameron of Gladstone Eye Care, â??it can actually reduce the chance for an accident. If you're driving into the sun and you're getting glare, it can make it very difficult to see."

      Experts say make sure the shades you choose have UV protection. That's the main thing for guarding your eye health. UV exposure can cause macular degeneration and cataracts over time.

      But it's never too early to start protecting your eyes. Dr. Cameron says say sun damage is most often caused before the age of 18.