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      Are your kids behind on vaccinations?

      It's almost time for kids to head back to the classroom, and an important part of preparations includes getting up-to-date on vaccinations.

      The Marquette County Health Department held a back to school immunization clinic on Monday. Officials say the number of kids who are behind on their shots is higher than they would like.

      They recommend that all students have their immunization record looked over before school starts. One option for low-income families is the Vaccines for Children program.

      "Many physicians in the area participate in it, as well as us here at the local health department," said Jill Santti of the Marquette County Health Department. "We have reduced or free vaccines. Cost should not be a factor in getting your immunizations."

      For more information on vaccines or to schedule an appointment, call the Marquette County Health Department at (906) 475-7844.