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      Argonics has your rubber alternative

      You may remember the Disney movie Flubber which highlighted an accidental discovery of an elastic substance. Argonics in Sawyer might not produce a living elastic substance, but they do offer a pretty good alternative to rubber.

      Products from Argonics can be found in things like snowplows, concrete mixers, and more recently, in new municipal water systems.

      "It's always different. There's always new tooling to be made and constantly growing, so as long as I've got a job to do new tooling, this company is doing new things," said Brad Sutter of Argonics.

      Argonics is able to come up with new ideas every day and see what a final product might look like with the help of their very own 3-D printer. Based on computer aided drawings, a 3-D printer layers a powdery substance to mimic a drawing on the computer.

      "It's actually kind of neat to see the final systems as they come through and new prototypes that come through. It's kind of nice to see how they start on the drawing and then end up actually in your hand," said Ryan Gutleber of Argonics.

      Employing around 70 people, the operation seems rather small, but that just might be a good thing.

      "It's a good place to work. They treat you nice, you're family here, they care about everyone," said Gutleber.

      One of the things that is said to make Argonics so successful is the strong work ethic of its employees, which exactly why they are located here in the U.P.