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      Armageddon on Wheels coming to U.P. State Fair

      A fun new event will be coming to the Grandstands for the first time at the U.P. State Fair.

      Armageddon on Wheels features school buses, limos, trailers and even a hot tub.

      One of the anticipated events is the school bus figure eight races. At least eight busses are participating. Three of them were painted by the YMCA kids campers.

      Also happening is a truck tug of war, trailer races, tough trucks and a demolition derby.

      "I can assure you there's 100% chance that there'll be crashes, that there'll be smashes and that a bus will roll over and that things are going to happen, especially with the gauntlet race," says Josh Barron.

      All proceeds from Armageddon on Wheels benefit local organizations.