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      Armed robbery suspect appears in Marquette's federal court

      Bernard Fish

      A 46-year-old armed robbery suspect was in federal district court in Marquette on Tuesday for his first appearance.

      Bernard Fish was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Fish was arrested by police in Shawano, Wisconsin after allegedly fleeing during a traffic stop. He is being charged with impersonator making arrest or search. The judge ordered that Fish be detained pending further court proceedings.

      Police identified Fish as a suspect in the armed robbery of two Watton residents that took place back in August. Officials say that Fish and 21-year-old Donavan Lee Waupoose allegedly acted as federal agents and demanded ransom of $10,000 for two people.

      Waupoose was taken into custody just days after the alleged armed robbery. He is expected to be back in court later this month.