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      Armed robbery suspect testifies, claims rights not read

      Judge Charles Goodman (left) and Bernard Fish (right) in Baraga County Circuit Court

      One of the suspects in the Covington armed robbery case appeared in court today claiming his Miranda Rights were not read to him and that statements he made at the Baraga County Jail should be inadmissible in his upcoming trial.

      Bernard Fish claimed Michigan State Police troopers misled him as to whether information he gave regarding the case could be used in court.

      An MSP trooper testified that his Miranda Rights were not read, but that Fish was informed that he needed to speak with an attorney about the case.

      The trooper also said Fish implied that a woman was in danger at the time, prompting police to ask him about the woman.

      "He asked me where the girl was. He asked me, 'What kind of drugs do you think she was on?' He asked me what her name was. I did not know," said Fish.

      "With regards to the drugs and the money from (the victimâ??s) father, that was all preceded by...?" asked Fishâ??s attorney, David Gemignani.

      "Questions," Fish replied.

      "The questions-"

      "Well, actually, I was talking about it. He is correct about that. I did tell him, 'Hey, look. This person called me,'" said Fish.

      The court found the statements voluntary and therefore admissible in the upcoming trial. That trial will be joined with the other suspect, Donavan Waupoose, in April.