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      Army Veteran receives brand new home, free of charge

      "There's some good people left that still want to help people out, you know. It's an amazing experience to know you have a home and it's yours and you're going to be there forever. Forever home, that's what we call it," said Jimi McMahon, Veteran and new home recipient.

      Jimi and his wife Tracie, and their two girls were not expecting all of this.

      Some time ago, they applied for a home through the Military Warriors Support Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers support as veterans transition out of the military and into their new civilian life.

      Military Warriors does this through different programs, such as home donation, academic and employment assistance, as well as recreational activities.

      "Wells Fargo works closely with Military Warriors Support Foundation that just has a phenomenal program that the veteran undergoes their program for three full years and they have financial literacy courses to ensure that it's a responsible donation and that the veteran and his or her family has a successful ending," said Angela Vander Werf, Real Estate Owned Manager at Wells Fargo.

      With the help of Wells Fargo, Military Warriors, and local real estate, the McMahon family now have a new home.

      The four bedroom two bath home has two living areas with fireplaces, a full kitchen with brand new appliances, a large detached garage, and even a greenhouse, all on two acres.

      The total in repairs and replacements to the home totaled around $44,000, courtesy of Wells Fargo and the foundation.

      But Jimi's new home isn't the only one.

      This is a nationwide effort, and Wells Fargo and the foundation have already given 129 homes to veterans.

      "Wells Fargo made a $30 million committment to help house veterans over the next three years. So to date, we've already done over 120, and putting Jimi and his family into this home is just a remarkable experience for everyone," said Vander Werf.

      It all works like this: Wells Fargo donates REO, or real estate owned homes to the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

      Then, the foundation has veterans go through an application process, picking out those veterans who they feel would be a good fit for the program.

      Over the next three years, Jimi will work with professionals from the foundation, taking financial literacy courses and mentors.

      After those three years, the home is the property of the McMahon family.

      "I just want to say thank you, thank you for everything. People are always telling me thank you for my service, but I volunteered to do it and so I really just want to say thank you to everybody doing this for me and my family. It means a lot," said Jimi McMahon.

      From now on, all the McMahon's have to pay for are insurance, taxes, and home maintenance.

      After those first three years, they will be handed over the title, free and clear, no mortgage payments.

      Jimi and his family are moving to Chocolay Township from Gladstone.

      They say they are overjoyed to start their new adventure as home owners.