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      Art for All this Saturday in Iron Mountain

      The annual Art for All festival is happening in Iron Mountain this weekend. Itâ??s an event where people can peruse art and buy items from Upper Midwest artists. It takes place at Bay College West in Iron Mountain on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This is the 47th year of the festival and new features are added each year.

      â??We also, new this year, have the Magee Johnson Art Drawing and there will be a drawing every hour for $50 to go towards an artist of your choice,â?? said event Co-Chair, Lynne Wilson. â??In other words, your name is pulled out, you take it to the artist for the piece of art you want, and we present them with $50 dollars.â??

      There will also be two silent auctions, one in the morning and evening, with artistsâ?? donated work. The proceeds of the auctions will go towards a student artist scholarship. A childrenâ??s art area is also available where students can create and take home their own artwork.