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      Art gallery brings something unique to Upper Michigan

      Finlandia University's Art Gallery in Hancock always strives to bring unique and thought provoking exhibits to their campus.

      The art gallery, housed in the Finnish American Heritage Center, now brings Personal Space-Universal Space. This exhibit challenges gallery crawlers to examine how they perceive space, time and our physical and psychological environments. The newest collection, created by Texas artist Robert Hower, relates to vivid visions and experiences from his childhood, but he invites viewers to look into the art works and grab visions from their own childhood memories as well.

      Finlandia University Art Gallery director, Carrie Flaspohler, thinks it's important for the students and local residents to experience various artists from different backgrounds and locations. "We value very much bringing in artists from outside the area, because our students live in the Upper Peninsula and they may not have the opportunity to see artwork like this. So our goal is to bring in artists for these students to work with so that they can learn from other people outside the area," says Flaspohler.

      The gallery will host a reception and lecture for the public to view the Personal Space-Universal Space exhibit for the first time Thursday night at 7 p.m. The exhibit will be open to the public from September 12 through October 16.