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      Art on the Rocks and Italian cuisine

      This weekend, artists from across the country gathered at Marquette's Lower Harbor for Art on the Rocks. The annual fine arts show has been celebrated for 55 years.

      One of the musical artists showed off his talents on a wooden flute while others, like Jim and Jo Cook, had a large display of yard art made out of copper.

      "Initially we were working with copper, but it was copper sheeting, and then the gardening phase kind of took over, and so we started out with the smaller sprinklers, the stationary sprinklers with the tubing, and it evolved into the spinning sprinklers," said Jolayne Cook, artist.

      Despite the cooler temperatures, the Lake Superior Art Association expects the event to bring in at least 5,000 people.

      The show continues Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

      Hundreds of people also gathered in Ishpeming for the 114th Annual Italian Fest.

      Red, white and green decorated the Al Quaal Recreation area as people lined up for Italian cuisine which included pasta and meatballs. But it was not all about the food.

      Some chose to play a game of bingo. Kids were also a part of the fun with slides and bounce houses available.

      "I played games and everything was like my favorite things. I'm feeling like I want to come here again because this is so much fun with my family," said Mia Recine.

      One traditional Italian game kept many entertained. A 100 dollar bill sat atop a greased pole while people of all ages tried to climb their way to the top.