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      Artists showcase their work at Eagle Harbor

      More than 60 artists participated at the annual Eagle Harbor Art Fair.

      Joan Bonner has been coming from Louisiana every year just to show her work. She makes oil paintings on driftwood collected from the Great Lakes.

      "It's unusual there's nobody else that does quite what I do. So I get a lot of people come back and they add to their collections. They say how good it fits into their cabins," said Joan Bonner.

      More than 50 years ago, the Copper Country Associate Artists started the fair as a way for local artists to sell their pieces. Now it's turned into much more. It's an opportunity for their work to be exposed, for artists to come together to share ideas, and for the public to get inspired.

      "It's small, a lot smaller than the other art fairs we usually go to out East, but the quality here is superb. Just wonderful quality, especially the woodwork," said Robert Somes.

      Visitors got to see a variety of items from photography, woodcarvings, to jewelry. All of the artwork displayed were original pieces.

      "People like the bright colors. A lot of jewelry, you know silver, copper, gold. You don't see a lot of the bright colors and it's also different from the beaded jewelry. I make all my components so it's not like I'm buying things and assembling them," said Heather Mroz.

      The fair is also a way to raise money for local organizations.