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      Artwork from local celebs up for bid

      The U.P. Children's Museum is hosting their 10th annual Celebrity Art Auction Thursday evening.

      Chief Mike Angeli is just one local celebrity out of 32 who have put their talents to the test in creating masterpieces for the celebrity art auction.

      Many use their hobbies as inspiration for their creations.

      "After I thought about it a little bit further; I have this hobby of refurbishing rods, specifically bamboo fly rods. I thought, well I make those pretty regularly. They have some artistic value, I think," said Mike Angeli.

      Some try their hand at painting, others build furniture, like a table with beer caps, or the American flag out of wine corks collected throughout the year. There's even a Superior Dome model made out of gingerbread.

      "So, what you find is you kind of put people out of their comfort zone. They create pieces for us. What's also amazing, they create amazing pieces. They create things that you never knew they could actually make," said Nheena Weyer Ittner, Director.

      Thirty-two total pieces were donated to auction off in this end of the year fundraiser.

      Last year they raised $13,000. This year they are hoping for $20,000.

      "It's for toilet paper, paper towels, and electricity. All of the things that you absolutely have to have to run this kind of a place," Ittner said.

      The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

      Appetizers and beverages will be served.