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      As Summer slowly comes, where should you take a trip?

      With winter hopefully finished and spring all but passed over, many in the U.P. are wondering where to go for their summer vacation.

      You'd think it'd be easy to find a good spot for some summer rest and relaxation in the U.P. And it is pretty easy for those who"ve lived here for a while. But for newcomers and tourists, it's considerably harder.

      That's why last year one local author decided to come up with a list of his favorite places and pass them on to those who might be interested.

      "And I thought, 'why not write a book about it? Because people come up here, they don't know where to go, they just kinda wander into places. So, I decided to try to write a guide for them." said writer Brian Cabell.

      The book is called, "53 Things Ya Gotta Do An' See In Da U.P." And of course, it has info on places most in the U.P. have heard of, like Tahquamenon Falls.

      But Cabell says the best places are the ones you might not have heard all about. So he put a lot of them in his book.

      "Little hikes that you might want to go on...Little Presque Isle, you walk from a beach to an island through a hundred yards of water. Great little expedition for people to take. Walk up Sugarloaf Mountain, a great place to go too. So, yeah, its little places, off-beat places that most people may not know about. Unless they live here." said Cabell

      But at the same time, there are reasons why big-name places like Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore are so noteworthy.

      "It's been a long hard winter on the shores of Lake Superior . But the fact that we've had so much snow and moisture means that once spring really gets here, the waterfalls and wildflowers are going to be spectacular. And so, we're looking forward to the full arrival of spring." said park superintendent Mike Pflaum.

      Cabell says the destination is important, but just as important are the people you meet along the way.

      "Whether it's a coffee shop, a microbrewery, outside on a walking trail, those are the people you want to talk to, those are the people that give the true feeling of what the U.P. is all about." said Cabell.