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      Aspen Ridge hosts family night

      U-p families Wednesday attended the Aspen Ridge school's 15th annual family night.

      The end of the year celebration for the Aspen Ridge school has turned into a community event with over 44 organizations taking part in the festivities.

      In addition, over 400 Upper Peninsula businesses donated door prizes and giveaways for the students.

      Organizers say the goal of night is to learn about local organizations through fun activities.

      Though even more important is getting families involved with their child's school.

      ??We want our families involved. We want them to be here. Attendance goes up, grades go up when you have an open interaction with your families it helps the education of the children 100%?? said Donna Ballweber.

      Ballweber says that educating students takes a partnership between schools, families, and local businesses.