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      Aspirus breaks ground on Keweenaw Hospital Project

      Just one month after a new Aspirus clinic was opened in Houghton, the hospital network broke ground on another new project: a 34,000-square-foot addition to Aspirus Keweenaw in Laurium.

      Aspirus U.P. Regional CEO Chuck Nelson said the focus of the project is improving patient care.

      â??If you look at our track record, most recently being recognized as one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the country, we are already giving great care. We know that by the record that we have,â?? he said. â??This is going to add a new element to that care that the community is receiving.â??

      The new addition addresses the problems of an aging building in a progressive healthcare environment. It will include an emergency center, intensive care unit, in-patient care rooms, and surgical recovery suites.

      Aspirus Senior Vice President of Regional Operations Rick Nevers said the investment into the hospital represents their commitment to the U.P.

      â??Facilities, of course, are only one element of patient care, but they're a very important element, and it's not every day that you undertake a major capital addition and renovation,â?? said Nevers.

      â??We know it's inadequate to meet the needs of the community for the next hundred years, so this is an attempt to increase the relevance of the facility so that the providers and the caregivers that provide care within the facility have the optimal chance to deliver care that they need to,â?? added Nelson.

      Construction will begin immediately and is expected to be complete by March of 2016. Nelson said the project is evidence of a growing organization, and says to expect to see the trend continue.

      â??I think what you're seeing is an evolution of Aspirus in the Upper Peninsula, and as a system we're growing,â?? he said. â??So, I think it's exciting to see all the various elements of service that we're able to offer today that we weren't yesterday and in years prior.â??