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      At-risk students get iPads

      Bay Middle College JAG students are getting prepared for life after college, thanks to a grant from Wells Fargo. A month ago, the grant got them new iPads to use in the classroom.

      Many of the at-risk students have learning disabilities. Their instructor says the tablets are helping them improve in many ways.

      Before they got the iPads, the class had to share a computer lab with another class. Now they have their own keyboards, and the work they do on them is preparing them for higher education.

      The class work helps them learn employability skills.

      Ty Workman hopes to become a welder. He especially likes the computer aid design apps.

      â??I like architecture and all that,â?? says Workman. â??I use the notes feature on there. I can record my teacher's note sessions on it."

      Their instructor says some of the students struggle with grammar or vocabulary. Now, correcting a misspelled word is easy. The tablets automatically correct words.

      â??There's a lot of writing in this class. You write resumes. Itâ??s so much easier to type them on an iPad,â?? Workman says.

      Some of the assignments include writing resumes and cover letters.

      The teacher says all that typing helps the students become more fluid in their writing, since some of the students have learning disabilities.