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      Attempted murder charge dropped in plea deal

      One of the two men accused of home invasion and attempted murder entered his plea in Baraga County Circuit Court.

      Daniel Nieskes, 27, entered a guilty plea to third-degree home invasion through a plea agreement made on Wednesday. Nieskes was originally charged with six counts, including first-degree home invasion and attempted murder.

      Based on the plea agreement, all of Nieskes other charges were dismissed, but he could face up to seven years in prison for breaking into a man's home a year ago.

      "I pulled up to the residence, I walked up to the door and kicked the door in," said Nieskes. "I went in there. One of the occupants in the house stole some money. It was a large amount of money from one of my buddies. I went in there, found him, and just started beating him up."

      Nieskes will be sentenced next month; meanwhile his co-conspirator, 32-year-old Douglass Garver, will go to trial on June 11.