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      Attempting to bridge a gap in trails

      Ishpeming City Council held a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss possible grant proposals for trails around the city.

      Concerned citizens on both sides of the aisle weighed in on the discussion. One side believes that there are enough trails in and around the city, while the other side believes that more trails could attract people to Ishpeming.

      After the public hearing, Ishpeming City Council passed a motion which allows for a grant proposal to be sent to the DNR to connect the Iron Ore Heritage Trail to other trails around Ishpeming.

      "It's a win win for recreational enthusiasts and for the city. Obviously we have to win the grant, we haven't done that yet. Hopefully the DNR will choose to support it," said Mark Slown, City Manager of Ishpeming.

      Other proposals involved expanding trailheads by adding restrooms and other amenities for trail users.

      One of the issues faced was a lack of money from the city of Ishpeming in response to the brutal winter.