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      Attorney General speaks with students about cyber safety

      Over 40% of kids across America have been bulled or threatened online, said one study conducted by Alarming numbers such as these inspired Attorney General Bill Schuette to continue the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative.

      This morning, Attorney General Bill Schuette spoke with fourth and fifth grade students at Blesch Intermediate School in Menominee.

      He gave them tips such as frequently talking with a trusted adult about social media and other websites.

      His ideas seemed to work. One fourth grade student, Dawson Allgeyer, said he was planning on talking with his dad about Facebook tonight.

      Schuette used tangible examples that the kids would understand.

      â??You take a wrong turn on the internet itâ??s like taking a wrong turn in a bad part of town,â?? said Schuette. â??You can find predators there just as dangerous as people in a bad part of town.â??

      He also used his personal experiences to connect with the students.

      He spoke about his Memorial Day barbecue, and how he did not post that location on his Facebook account.

      Allgeyer learned, â??You donâ??t need to tell everybody where you are when youâ??re doing something. Just be personal and all that,â?? he said.

      This national safety concern doesnâ??t just happen on computers. It could be through video games in your own home.

      â??I have been threatened a few times,â?? Allgeyer said.

      The Attorney General hopes keeping the discussion going will keep this important issue on peopleâ??s minds.

      â??The more you talk with the students, the more you talk with the parents about the rules of the road, safety tips of navigating the internet, I think the better off people are,â?? Schuette said.

      Students said they hope to continue learning more about cyber safety and hacking.

      For more information on the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative Program, visit their website.