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      ATV riders encouraged to take safety course

      With summer around the corner, residents took advantage of a free ATV safety course Saturday. The Marquette County Sheriff's Department held the class at Westwood High School in Ishpeming.

      Deputies say they want to make sure everyone who rides ATVs are safe, responsible and legal. Parents and kids learned about the laws, what equipment they should have or need, and safety tips.

      â??My oldest son, Ethan, wanted to ride so I wanted to introduce him to that and being out in the woods,â?? says Negaunee dad, Nathan Ihamaki. â??I think it's important for him to know what the safety regulations are just so he doesnâ??t hurt anybody else or himself.â??

      The sheriff's department will host more free safety courses for ATVs and boats throughout the year.

      Deputies encourage residents to check the DNR website at or contact the NICE Community Schools for their schedule.