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      ATVs are ready-set-go

      All ATV riders can begin to rejoice because Florence and Marinette Counties have officially opened their trails for the season. Jake Walcisak of Florence County tells us that the park trails offer riders 62 miles of designated trails with 60 miles of routes.

      â??I'm not an ATV rider, but I get excited because I know a lot of people here enjoy it, and itâ??s definitely a big draw for the community and tourism financially, so it's a nice thing to come around this time of year, especially a few weeks early," explains Jake.

      The trails are typically set to open May 1, but thanks to warm weather and dry conditions, riders are allowed to get down and dirty a little bit earler this year.

      Jake expects riders won't waste time getting a piece of the action.

      "I know our local clubs were very excited, chomping at the bit to get going and have the trails open, and a lot of local riders are looking forward to it," Jake says. George Freeman, a PowerSport salesman and ATV rider, says the store gains a boost in sales of over 50 percent around this time when the trails open.

      â??Nicer weather spiked it off a little bit early this year, but once the trails open, thereâ??s a lot of riders who are excited to get out on the trails right now so it will spike some more sales up," explains George.