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      Auditions held for Blueberry Festival youth talent show

      The annual Marquette Blueberry Festival is this Friday and organizers are lining up performers for the youth talent show.

      Singers, dancers and musicians put their talent to the test for auditions Wednesday. The show gives youngsters a chance to display their talents to a large crowd at the Blueberry Festival.

      "A lot of the times this is a lot of youths first performance, first time on stage and to be on stage and have a thousand people around you is pretty brave," says talent show coordinator Nikke Nason. "We have a great sound system, a great stage downtown and a lot of these people are downtown and they're drawn by some of these wonderful voices and wonderful talent we have here in the area."

      The talent show runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday at the festival. The stage is set up near the intersection of Washington Street and Front Street in downtown Marquette.