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      Autopsy report of 5-month-old child found in desert, released

      Autopsy results of the five-month-old baby believed to be Jackson Farrey have been released. Both the cause and manner of death were deemed â??undeterminedâ?? according to the autopsy report from the University of New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator.

      The Office of the Medical Investigator states after thorough investigation, there were no structural anomalies of the organs or evidence of injury.

      Although the report refers to the remains as those of Jackson Farrey, it states that no measures were taken to identify the remains at the time of the exam.

      The child was found in a shallow grave in a desert near Oro Grande, New Mexico wearing a soiled diaper and blanket. His body was severely decomposed with â??skeletonization of the skullâ?? and mummification, explains the death investigation summary.

      His body was found three days after his parents, Jeffrey and Jenna Farrey, and his brother, Blake Farrey, were found at the Eagles Nest Motel in Escanaba.

      Jeffrey is charged with one count of injury to a child by omission and remains in jail on a $1.5 million bond. He is set to go on trial Oct. 3.

      Jenna is being held on no bond for a violation of probation in connection with a child endangerment case involving the elder child, Blake.

      Jennaâ??s lawyer is unsure if the state will file any charges against her, but if they do, he expects the charges to be similar to those of her husband's, reports the El Paso Times.