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      Auxiliary Bishop asked not to speak in Marquette diocese

      An Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus from the Archdiocese of Detroit will not speak in Marquette this Sunday and Monday after Bishop Alexander Sample from the Marquette Diocese asked to him to cancel his plans.

      Bishop Thomas Gumbleton was invited by the Marquette Citizens for Peace and Justice to speak on how the Bible calls for peace and on the abolition of nuclear weapons.

      According to a written statement from Bishop Sample, Bishop Gumbleton did not inform the Marquette Diocese of his planned trip to the area, customary for visiting Bishops.

      In a statement released Friday morning, Bishop Sample said Bishop Gumbleton's position on homosexuality and ordaining women into the priesthood were reasons he asked the Bishop not to come.

      "This has nothing to do with the organization that invited Bishop Gumbleton, the Marquette Citizens for Peace and Justice," said Father Ronald Browne of the Marquette Diocese. "This has nothing to do with them. We appreciate their efforts, and naturally the Catholic Church has a long stand in favor of peace and justice."

      Event organizers from the Marquette Citizens for Peace and Justice say they were surprised and disappointed with the Bishop's decision because it was last minute and forced them to cancel their monthly event.

      To see Bishop Alexander Sample's full statement, click here.