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      Avoiding additional charges on your cell phone bill

      Cell phone bills can sometimes be tricky to read, and oftentimes more expensive than you expected.

      â??I have definitely gone over on my cell phone bill before,â?? said cell phone user, Ian Larson. â??Quite a few times actually.â??

      If you open your phone bill, and itâ??s more expensive than you were expecting, youâ??re not alone.

      Often times these unexpected charges come with purchasing a new phone.

      â??A lot of customers do not know about the activation fee or the upgrade fees that can apply to the account,â?? said TEAM Wireless store manager, Robbie Tulgetske. â??Also, if youâ??re charging any ring-back tones or ringtones to the account those will appear on the bill as well.â??

      Ringtone pricing is a common misconception. There is the initial purchase price and an additional monthly fee.

      Possibly the most common additional charge is the â??account usage charges.â?? This occurs if someone uses more talk, text or data than allowed by their contract.

      â??For instance, this customerâ??s bill is their dataâ?? said Tulgetske. â??They actually went over their data so they did get a $15 charge.â??

      An easy way to avoid these charges is to sign up for your providersâ?? alert system.

      â??Most carriers actually offer a texting where youâ??ll get like a text if youâ??re over on your minutes,â?? said TEAM Wireless assistant manager Desiree Karppinen. â??Some carriers offer when youâ??re at 50 percent, when youâ??re at 75 percent and then at 90 and 100 percent.â??

      If youâ??re still constantly get overage charges, or even if it happens just once, they recommend increasing your plan because you typically get more data for a cheaper price.