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      Baby falcons born at power plant

      Peregrine falcons have again nested at the WE Energies Presque Isle Power Plant.

      This marks the third consecutive year the birds have nested at the plant, and it's with the same mother. About three weeks ago she gave birth to four chicks. Saturday, the babies were banded. Many families from the Marquette area came to watch and see the birds up close. Banding the falcons helps researchers monitor where the birds nest and if these endangered birds survive.

      "It's important because peregrines are a part of our natural history. They're a part of the world we were born in, a part of the world we hope to pass on to our kids...They're just a phenomenal bird to see," said peregrine falcon researcher, Greg Septon.

      You can see the nest online. The babies are expected take their first flight in about three weeks. WE Energies also has five other power plants in Wisconsin, each of which have a similarly successful falcon nest.