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      Baby falcons welcomed at Presque Isle power plant

      Peregrine falcons have, again, nested at the We Energies Presque Isle power plant.

      Employees and their families were invited to see the baby falcons up close as they get banded. Peregrine falcons are endangered, and biologists will use the bands to track their locations over their lifetime. This is the second year that the same mother falcon has laid her eggs at the nest. The kids all chose a name for the birds that were chosen at random out of a hat.

      The two male chicks have been named Felco and Superman.

      "It was really cool because I got to see them up close, and I never got to see them up close," said nine-year-old Haleigh Holdwick.

      After being tagged, the baby birds were returned to their nest at the power plant, much to the happiness of the parent falcons.