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      Back at the beaches for NMU students

      Classes were back in session, but the weather still attracts many new and returning students to the beach.

      During orientation, Northern Michigan University covers the basics of water safety, and the Marquette City Fire Department is making sure the rules are enforced. Fire Chief Tom Belt wants to remind students that guarded areas, like South Beach and McCarty's Cove, are always the best places to gather, and unguarded areas, like Black Rocks, should be avoided.

      "I know it's a traditional area for students to go to, however, the mixture of a lot of students at Black Rocks and the possibility of alcohol usually is a bad mixture," said Belt. "There is danger there especially if waves are coming in, but it's rocky, it's unforgiving."

      Belt also says cliff jumping is always a dangerous option, especially this summer with water levels below average.