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      Back to school preparations more than just supplies

      Tim Degenaer is all set with supplies for school. â??Markers, a bunch of notebooks, backpacks, and clothes,â?? said Degenaer. And thereâ??s a lot about school heâ??s looking forward to. â??Recess, lunch, that's pretty much it."

      But with a total of eight kids in his family and all in school at the same time, he and his mother know preparation is key. â??We have a routine, and we're very organized,â?? said mother, Kristy Royer. â??They have to go to bed at a certain time, they come home from school and we do homework, and we do dinner, and if we have practice in between for football or what not, we're usually running for that,â?? Royer said.

      It sounds like a busy schedule, and with eight kids in school, including a set of triplets in kindergarten, Royer has to be organized and a day ahead. â??Everything is laid out the night before: make sure they have their socks and their underwear, backpacks ready, everything in the backpack ready to go, so Iâ??m very organized that way,â?? Royer said.

      Another important reminder to check off that list: sleep. Itâ??s important to introduce an early sleep schedule about a week before school starts. â??Throughout the summer, we've actually done early bedtimes, so they're pretty much used to going to bed early and getting up early,â?? Royer said.

      Gathering together school supplies is one thing, but making sure you're child is physically and mentally ready for school to start is yet another important factor to a great beginning of the school year.