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      Backpacks for children in need

      Laurel, Amy and Melissa are filling up their baskets with food but the food isn't for them.

      It's for children in need. They started a brand new non-profit organization back in October called 31 Backpacks.

      "We heard about programs across the country where kids are going hungry on the weekends and we decided to look into it into this area. We contacted the superintendent of CLK Schools and asked if there was a need and he said absolutely," said Melissa Maki, board member of 31 Backpacks.

      Sixty-seven percent of Calumet, Keweenaw, and Laurium students receive subsidized meals during the week but that doesn't include the weekend.

      Thirteen million children are living in poverty. The backpacks are filled with different food like fruit and macaroni and cheese. Once filled, the backpacks will be delivered CLK School District.

      Forty-three children ranging in ages 5 to 18 are benefiting from this new program every weekend.

      "No child should go to bed hungry and when we realized that there was such an issue in the area after talking to some school teachers, we thought we really need to do something about it," said Laurel Maki, board member of 31 Backpacks.

      For every Econo Foods receipt, the organization gets one percent of the money back.

      The group says their currently working to make sure the students will have food during Christmas break.

      If you're interested in finding out more ways you can help, click here.

      You can also drop off backpacks or food to any Century 21 location in the Copper Country.