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      Backyard beekeeper gives lessons from the hive

      Bees hard at work
      The MooseWood Nature Center in Marquette gave a lesson on beekeeping Sunday.For the past six years Patti Karwoski has considered herself a backyard beekeeper. She now has six hives, and Karwoski gave a presentation about her honeybees and the importance they have on the environment.Those in attendance learned about the life cycle of a worker bee and how pesticides can weaken, poison and ultimately kill an entire colony.Another danger for bees in the Marquette County area are the long winters."In Marquette County, we have a Superior Land Beekeepers Association, thanks in large part to Joel Lantz and Jessica Shull. Joel did a survey of beekeepers across Marquette County and found that we had about 60 percent of hives lost through the winter," said Karwoski.There are around 150 beekeepers within Marquette County. Some of the best ways to keep bees alive during the winter is to keep the hive high off the ground and keep the hive well insulated, according to beekeepers.Karwoski added if you happen to see a bee buzzing around while you are out in Marquette, just remember, it might belong to a local beekeeper.