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      Badwater Skiters skiing season officially started

      They're acrobatic moves most of us wouldn't be caught attempting on dry land, let alone the waters of the Badwater Flowage.

      But the Badwater Skiters are a brave group of athletes, attempting pyramids and flips at high speeds on skis. Valerie Richtig started Skiters two years ago after being an audience member for a number of years.

      â??I really wanted to climb pyramids, so that's why I wanted to join,â?? Valerie said. â??It was scary at first if you were to fall, but I like it all the way at the top.â??

      The Skiters practice a number of times a week to perfect some of the intricate and risky moves. Some of them perform barefoot water skiing, which can only happen at high speeds.

      â??Barefooting you have to go pretty fast,â?? said skier, Tony Pericolosi. â??You go about 40 miles an hour to barefoot, so it definitely is an adrenaline rush.â??

      The Skiters originally performed on Lake Antoine in Iron Mountain, but have been on the Badwaters in Spread Eagle for over 20 years.

      Although it can be risky, it's really a sport many different ages can do.

      â??Little kids all the way up to dads and grandpas are in the club, too,â?? Pericolosi said.

      The Badwater Skiters perform every Wednesday and Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. and admission is completely free.