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      Bait shop offers high quality desserts

      What do you think of when a bait and tackle shop pops into your head? How about cheesecake?

      Midtown Bait and Tackle in Channing actually has a bakery in the back of the building known as the Back Room Bakery and Ice Cream Shop. There are dozens of delicious pies and cheesecakes to choose from.

      Back Room Bakery and Ice Cream Shop was created after one of the owners began making pies and other people took notice. The cheesecake is so good that the shop even made cheesecake for a wedding.

      Bacon maple cheesecake is the best seller at the shop, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well.

      "We also have apple dumplings, and we have cinnamon rolls during the weekend," says owner Bob Kennard. "We have bait for fish and we have bait for fisherman."

      Kennard assures us that he does not mix bait from the bait store with the baked goods, although you will find a gummy worm at the bottom of every ice cream cone.