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      Bakers prepare for paczki push

      Paczki day is Tuesday and the Huron Mountain Bakery used all of Monday to get ready. They'll sell more than 14,000 paczkis as people celebrate Fat Tuesday. The decadent pastry gives folks once last indulgence ahead of Lent. Huron Mountain bakers say you don't have to be Catholic to enjoy Fat Tuesday.

      "I think everybody loves Fat Tuesday. It's kind of a great thing whether you're Catholic or not; everybody just enjoys it. It's the only time of year you can get paczkis, so why not?" said Rachel Freeman from the Huron Mountain Bakery. "It's right before Lent, which is the fasting season, so you want to eat as many calories as possible. That's why they call it Fat Tuesday...you just want to pile on the calories."

      The Huron Mountain Bakery is rolling out two new flavors for their paczkis: apple and cherry. They open up Tuesday at 5 a.m.